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Mature Cow Herd Dispersal & Major Herd Reduction Sale
October 27-28, 2023

Catalog and Lot Videos now available

Lots will sell in catalog order. Lots 260-306 will sell Oct. 27


Focusing on Quality with Performance



We take pride in raising some of the finest Angus cattle in the industry, and we're excited to share our passion with you.

Mark your calendars for October 27th and 28th! Our mature cow herd dispersal and major herd reduction sale is just around the corner, offering you the chance to acquire top-tier Angus cattle that have been carefully bred and raised with our commitment to quality and performance. The digital catalog can be viewed here. Lot videos can be viewed here.

Our annual bull sale is the highlight of our operation. It is an opportunity for our customers to select from a premier lineup of Angus bulls. These bulls are the result of our dedicated breeding program, aimed at producing animals that enhance the profitability of your herd. 

We look forward to welcoming you in person (or online) at our events!

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