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Our Story

Welcome to Bear Mountain Angus, where our passion for breeding high-quality Angus cattle runs deep. Founded in 1986 as a 4-H project by brothers Brian and Scott Stoller, with the help of our parents Gary and Davy, our journey from the foothills of California to the heart of Nebraska has been one of dedication and growth.

Bear Mountain Angus was born with the purchase of two Angus heifers in the town of Angels Camp, California. Over the years, our dream took root and blossomed. By 1995, our ranch had grown to a herd of 100 mother cows.

As life led Brian to college, our herd underwent a temporary reduction, but our ambition never wavered. In 2001, we embarked on an exciting new chapter, relocating to Melba, Idaho. This move was marked by the acquisition of Foote Acres Angus ranch and its established herd, catapulting us to a herd size of approximately 500 mother cows.

In April of 2008, Bear Mountain Angus faced a pivotal moment. We hosted a complete and total opportunity sale to thoughtfully downsize our herd, setting the stage for the next exciting phase of our ranching journey.

By May 2008, Bear Mountain Angus had found its new home in the welcoming community of Palisade, Nebraska. Today, our ranch is proudly home to approximately 350 mother cows.

At Bear Mountain Angus, our unwavering commitment is captured in our motto, "Focusing on Quality with Performance." Our goal is to breed cattle that are not only structurally and phenotypically correct but also possess exceptional performance characteristics. 

Whether you're a fellow rancher, cattle enthusiast, or simply curious about our operation, you are always welcome to stop by. We are proud of what we have accomplished and we are excited to share our passion with you.

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