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Herd Sires

Bear Mtn Justice

Bear Mtn Justify x HAYNES Outright 452

Bear Mtn Justify

KG Justified 3023 x S A V Pioneer 7301

Bear Mtn Magnify

Bear Mtn Justify x Bear Mtn Titan 4045

Bear Mtn Pilot 1520.jpg
Bear Mtn Pilot 1520

Tehama Patriarch F028 x KG Justified 3023

Bear Mtn Stealth 1510.jpg
Bear Mtn Stealth 1510

Sitz Stellar 726D x Connealy Ruger

North Star.jpg
Bear Mtn North Star

Square B True North x Bear Mtn Justify

ALM_5952_Payoff 2.jpg
DDB Payoff

B/D Rice Payday 7027 x V A R Discovery 2240

Sitz Thunderstruck 746J

Sitz Thunderball 734E x Connealy Final Product

Mark II.jpg
Bear Mtn Mark II

Connealy Ruger x KG Justified

KR Caliber 1087

KR Quality 8525 x Koupals B&B Identity

Bear Mtn Stronghold

K C F Bennett Fortress x Bear Mtn Owyhee

ALM_0776_Lamar Hicok.jpg
LEMAR Hickock 6016

Mill Bar Hickock x S A V Bismarck 5682

Bear Mtn Titanic 6548

Bear Mtn Titan 4045 x GDAR Game Day 449

Bear Mtn RRS Shipwreck

Bear Mtn Titanic 6548 x MAR Innovation 251

Bear Mtn Titan 4045

Connealy In Focus 4925 x Twin Valley Precision E161

BT Resource 1345

S A V Resource 1441 x S A V Bismarck 5682

_ALM7352_Assurance Plus.jpg
Bartels Assurance Plus

Connealy Confidence x Connealy Final Solution

Bear Mtn George W 1069

WK George x EXAR New Look 2971

renegade_sneed (1).jpg
Bear Mtn Renegade 9045

Bear Mtn Owyhee 5012 x S A Neutron 377

Bear Mtn Owyhee 5012

Rito 1|2 of 2536 Rito 616 x B T Ultravox 297E

WAR Prosper H305

S Thrive JAS 5515 x Styles Upgrade J59

Freight Train
Bear Mtn Freight Train 350L

Connealy Freightliner x Gibb Illlini

Bear Mtn Cross Wired 9010

BT Crossover 758N x Frontier 627C of Mill Brae

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